Personal details                                                                                      

Name:                 Maria Provatidou

Function:            Freelancer visual artist

Telephone:         0645942014

email:                  marinaprovatidou@gmail.com

Born:                   02-02-1978/ Thessaloniki / Greece

Languages:         Greek / English


Marina Provatidou is a printmaker, painter, poet, video artist, performer.

Marina Provatidou was born in Thessaloniki 1978. She lives and works in Eindhoven the last three years. She graduated  in Painting and Engraving from Athens School Fine Arts in 2008 and 2015. She continued her postgraduate studies at the University of Western Attica in Audio visual production, visual Media and Motion Graphics, Faculty of Applied Arts and Culture, 2018.

Her  art-practice is multidisciplinary, considered mainly conceptual and includes contemporary printmaking expression, video-projections, in situ -installations, performance, photography and poetry. She explores and  develops  new knowledge between art- biography, history and personal experiences. She also  explores  imaginative fields. 

Her work is about feminism and  migration .Causes and effects of the latter often appear on her artwork, as her grandparents were forced to move from  Black Sea area (Pontos)  to Greece . Her aim is not only to sensitize the viewer but  also to mobilize his thoughts and feelings. Her ambition  is to help people through  art  discharge from everyday life , to offer a  treatment in depression-if possible-, to work on  social reflection and enabling smaller communities or groups excluded-included from society. Her  projects are social commentary, memory representations, experiences, loss, injury.

Passionate with making art with an artistic approach and love and the creative dialogue between the material, imagination, health and pleasure. Featuring an eye for detail, quality, artistic perspective and innovation. Ability to create different projects with various concepts and combinations.

The skills based on a strong coupling of research and intellectual education. Develop and implement a unique educational concept. The educational model is strongly focused on the integration and exploration/research between art, digital technology, traditional methods and engaged with society.

I explore and  develop new knowledge between art, history and personal experiences. There essential relationship between cultural diversities and un exploring fields which learning with working as a professional come together.

On social art and sociological practice model  which presenting a prototype result.

She holds 6 solo exhibitions in Greece and many group exhibitions  abroad. She has  participated in international exhibitions at Museums and Art Foundations such as Van Abbe Museum, Van Abbe house, National Taiwan Museum of Printmaking, Japan Embassy in Athens, Metropolitan Museum in Tokyo, Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, Municipality of Eindhoven.

Marina’s ongoing project is about dreams. Started in 2011 when she was  collecting  dreams of immigrants-refugees arriving in Greece. She has already used some of these dreams as a statement in her printmaking work.

Email: marinaprovatidou@gmail.com  


 2015-2018        Master of Science in the Arts in Video Production, Audiovisual Media and      

                             Motion Graphics University of West Attica  / Photography Department

 2009-2015        Bachelor degree from the Printmaking Department of the Athens School   

                             of  Fine Arts               

 2003-2008        Bachelor from the Painting Department of the Athens School of Fine Arts


                         Van Abbe Museum/ wall space / May 2019

                            London Greek film festival/Art Theater/2019

                            International  Biennial Douro Portugal /invitation/2019-2020

                            Japan-Greece contemporary printmaking exhibition/Japanese Embassy in Greece and     

                            association of Printmakers / 2019

                          KUNSTEINDHOVEN/ Egg installation in Eindhoven / kek040 collectiva / 2019

                             It is allowed? / / Curate by EMPE and Panagiota Leukaditi / 2019

                             Van Abbe Museum/kek040 collectiva / The room of hope /2018

                             Generations / Miniciality of Malevizi / Creta /Curate by Dimitris Lamprou/ 2019

                             Xouth /Developing Differencies  / Curating by Artens and Evi Peterson/2019

                             From the bottom of the heart /Onnasion Heart Hospital / Association of Printmaking

                             The Blackbox/ Adolecence/ Curating by Nikos Giavropoulos/Cacoyannis/2018       

                             Athens digital media festival / 2018

                             Art Brut – Outsider Art / Melina Foundation/ Curate by EMPE and Fotis Kaggelaris

 MAMA / Cinema Zefiros /Kavala/2016

                             International Biennial Print Exhibit Shenzhen / China 2017

                             In between /Town hall Eindhoven / KEK040/ The Netherlands 2017

                             A Certain Blue of the Sea /Ionian Parliament/ Corfu /Curate by Sozita Goudouna 2017

                             Be different compose together /Van Abbe House / Eindhoven/2017

                            International Biennial Print Exhibit/ ROC National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts /2016

                             New era Eaudesea» Cyprus Embassy / Athens/ Curate by Eirini Bazara /2016

                             Environments Fertile, Photographical Center of Thessaloniki – Mimar Sinan/2016

                             3rth 4th & 5th International Graphics Biennial of Szeklerland Bucharest /2015

                             Small Print Show SIPS El Minia University Egypt / 2016

                             The Affordable Art Fair New York /2013

                             ΜΑΜΑ /  London Greek film festival /2013

                             Berlin Biennale themed “Political Issue” participated in website / 2012

                             Ungoverned Cities Gounaropoulos Museum / 2011

                             Roaming Images, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art 3rd Biennial of Modern   

                             ArtThessaloniki / 2011

 Dry point Bienial /Uzice Serbia/ invitation/2011

 My grandmother’s wedding /  Olympion Thessaloniki /projection rooms Zannas Pavlos/2009

My grandmother’s wedding / London Greek film festival/2009

Ilousionary homes/ Athens Animfest 2017 / Trianon cinema

Professional experience

      2020 Remote graffiti in collaboration with Bibliothec Eindhoven

     2019 ‘Ιf not here then where, if is not now then it’s never” Write me your

       dreams/Unspoken dreams / Park Theater 2020

Department of Fine Arts and Applied Arts of the University of Western

Macedonia School of Fine Arts /2019

  • https://eindhoven.op-shop.nl/595/online-art-project-remote-graffiti
  • 2013-3014 Operations and processes management at the Greek Ministry of Education
  • Making of different materials such as metals, paper, clay, plaster, oil and acrylic on canvas, charcoal, aquarelle.
  • Ability to enrich and develop projects with ideas and imagination
  • Knowledge in office management and programs such as Photoshop, Premier, M,S Office, After Effects, Blender, In Design.
  • Trained how to make video production and photo shootings with special lights and sounds.

03/2019 :  Inspired by the theme of the Book Week (The mother, the woman), the Boekiebal is all about Madonna

                Performance in Natlab2019 / During discussions presented video art about My grandmother’s wedding

Video art productions

  • Cat short film fiction and book with poems /Athens/2018
  • Life in monitor/ Eindhoven/2018
  • Manifestations after movie/Eindhoven/2017-2018
  • The clockwork kitten/ Athens/2016
  • Be different-compose together/Eindhoven/2017
  • The motion of addiction /Athens/2017
  • Who was the woman Morel fell in love?/Athens/ 2017
  • Ω γλυκή μου έαρ/Athens/2017
  • The red dragon/Athens/2017
  • Illusionary homes/Athens/2017
  • write me your dreams first edition /Evros-Katerini/2011 /second edition/Athens/2015
  • mama/ unconscious test /Evros-Katerini-Athens/ 2015
  • My grandmother’s wedding /Katerini/2008

Other Professional Experience

                            22-03-2019        From small sculptures to 3d objects/ Presentation in Van Abbe House in   collaboration with virtual artistic laboratory @postasis

                            01/2018 & 01/2019 : Cook for groups of people at Van Abbe House for events.

          Art and Science Salon / Tasting Sensations

  • 2013-3014 Operations and processes management at the Greek Ministry of Education

Sales and Marketing manager at Mayfair Thessaloniki/Telephone sales manager and trainer in best practices in Telephone sales. Achieved heist sales volume per day

  • 2004-2008 Guide in Kouvoutsakis Museum in Kifisia / Athens

  1978 – 1995 Tabaco farmer- producer in Katerini – Greece

  • During Dutch Design Week 2018 – 2017: Production of the video for an exhibition in collaboration with Manifestations.
  • 05/07/2016- 08/07/2016: Seminar instructor at the Western Attica University, printmaking methods.
  • 04-2016: Seminar instructor at the Cacoyiannis Foundation / Athens/Greece
  • 2009-2017 : Professor of Fine Arts at high schools in Greece, general art education, different materials and concepts.


2018        First prize in a competition entitled “Strange words” with TU University and Van abbe house

2017        The best video art / London Greek Film Festival / London

2017/2015  First Prize at Cycladic museum with Elementary Schools  / Athens

2017        Award about the video art “My grandmother’s wedding” Preveza festival / Greece

2012        Honorary prize from the 12th Alexandroupolis Division for the offer a monument for the liberation

2012        Prize for the 100 years since the liberation of Thessaloniki/ War Museum and Ministry of Defense / Athens

2012        Second award about the portrait of Papadiamantis/ Metexmio editions / Athens

2011        Kefalinos prize in printmaking/ Athens

2011        Third prize in Biennial of all Universities of fine arts in Greece, National Bank cultural Foundation / Athens

Personal Exhibitions

2018       Phenomenon mother curater by Sozita Goudouna / Athens Gallery7

2015       Write me your dreams curated by Lida Kazantzaki / Cacoyiannis Cultural center / Athens

2015       Write me your dreams curated by Grigoris Vlassas / University of West Attica

2013       Metamorphosis / curated by Domna Gounari / Miet Thessaloniki

2012       “B” exhibition with subject: Violence/Mud/Disgust/Vrysaki/ Athens

2009       My grandmother’s wedding/ curated by Mpampis Dermatis / Alba Athens

Curatorial projects

• Small Odysseys /organizing Mary-Ann Shreurs / upcoming..

• Think (being) different, compose together Van Abbe House / in collaboration with Yu Zhang / May 2017

• Art and Lunacy (Melina Foundation, Athens, Greece – October of 2014)

Artist and poetrybook : CAT

Hobbies: Helping stray cats to find a home/ First aid / affect and comparison

Creating many cat portraits in Greece and in Eindhoven


Pontion Monument in Sfendami Pierias (Northern Greece)

Greek Expatriate Monument in Sfendami Pierias (Northern Greece)  

Monument for the one hundred years from the liberation of Alexnadroupolis

Monument for the refugees in Orestiada (central square)